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Episode Guide

Here you can find a list of threads that take place in Ghost*Sugar, in chronological order.

* = thread still in progress

Quick Jump: April 2008 May 2008 June 2008

Before April 2008:
First Glimmer of the Evening Star [Tatsuki, Kei] Newly elected Student council members Tatsuki and Kei test each other's might. It's going to be a fun year.

APRIL 2008
Be Gentle, I'm New At This [Yuzuya, Ren] Yuzuya and Ren prepare for their first day as homeroom teachers.
Welcome to Kikuryou [Samuel, Kei, Chiaki, Suguru] Chastise students first thing in the morning on the first day of school? Kramer-sensei is all over that.
High Tide [Chiaki, Kokoro] Chiaki almost gets into trouble with an upperclassman on his first day...until Kokoro comes to the rescue!
Dividing Lines [Suguru, Kokoro] Suguru and Kokoro battle over a desk.
Odd Like That [Yuzuya, Chiaki] Yuzuya and Chiaki do a little trash-talking.
Running a Tight Ship [Ono-sensei, Samuel, Sumire] Vice Principal Ono is inspecting desks and Kramer's is next in line.
Ah, this beautiful yet cruel world... [Samuel, Ren] Kramer and Ren chat it up after a long day.
Caught Red-Handed [Yuzuya, Sumire] Yuzuya drops in on Sumire at her office.
Found Out About You [Suguru] Suguru's seatmate Kokoro got dumped by her boyfriend, and Suguru runs into him after school.
Something [Suguru] Suguru has an uneasy feeling about his new school.
How Things Used To Be Done [Sakai-sensei, Kazuhiko] The school's judo coach and "discipline teacher" meets his sorry end.
Flipped On Your Head [Ayumi, Kokoro, Suguru] Ayumi takes over for Sakai as head PE teacher and tries to address Suguru's questions.
Just a Little TLC [Sumire, Yadoru] Yadoru goes to the nurse's office for a change of clothes and a bump on the head, and finds a possessed air conditioner instead.
Shivers [Yuzuya, Samuel, Ayumi, Sumire] Sakai's body is found and the faculty regroups after the chaos dies down.
"Extracurricular" Activites [Yadoru, Yuzuya] Yadoru is busy working when he bumps into Yuzuya trying to take a break. Awkwardness ensues.
Do You See What I See? [Yadoru, Chiaki] Chiaki and Yadoru find a common ground.
Showdown [Suguru, Samuel] Suguru tries to face down his homeroom teacher and fails miserably.
How Do You Say "Awkward" In English? [Yuzuya, Ren, Samuel] Ren goes on a "study date" (not really) with Kramer and Yuzuya.
Clean-up Detail [Yuzuya, Yadoru, Chiaki] Yuzu's lab has been trashed and his students pitch in to help clean up.
Baby Steps [Yuzuya, Sumire] After a long and hectic day, Yuzuya finds an excuse to visit Sumire in her office.
Don't Drag Your Feet! [Miyuki, Ayumi, Yuzuya, Samuel] Miyuki comes into work with her fabulous new shoes, but she doesn't get the reaction she was hoping.
Chance of a Lifetime [Suguru, Chiaki, Samuel] Suguru is trying to get an eyeful of the girls' physical exams, Chiaki is trying to escape, and Kramer is there to nail 'em.
Trouble [Yuzuya, Chiaki] Chiaki receives his punishment for ditching class, but he gets a little consolation gift afterwards.

MAY 2008
Happy... Not Getting Eaten By Ghosts Day? [Yadoru, Chiaki] Yadoru gifts Chiaki with the most useful birthday present imaginable.
Need A Hero? [Suguru, Ayumi] Suguru witnesses what he thinks is a damsel in distress in the park at night...and instead gets an eyeful of what Ayumi is really capable of.
Way Up in the Sky... [Yadoru, Yuzuya] Yadoru doesn't know how to go grocery shopping...but perhaps Yuzuya-sensei is the last person he should be learning from.
The Face in the Window [Chiaki] Just when Chiaki's started to feel safe and secure, he thinks he sees a familiar face in his window.
Window Shopping [Miyuki, Suguru] Miyuki visits the pet shop with the not-intention of buying a dog. Suguru visits the pet shop with the intention of picking up chicks and hitting on his math teacher.
A Song, A Song... [Yadoru, Ubume no Shizuka (the ghost of Chiaki's mother)] The ghost of an embittered mother tries to bargain with Yadoru.
Familial Piety [Yadoru, Chiaki] Yadoru comes to complain tell Chiaki about the events of the night before, and ends up leaving in a huff. Chiaki just wants to protect his mother, but is it worth losing friends over?
You Only Like Me for My Hardware [Kei, Suguru] Kei has had it up to here with computers that refuse to work. Here comes Suguru to the rescue -- which would be all well and fine if he even knew how to turn one on.
Meetings Suck [Ono, Yuzuya, Ren, Kramer, Miyuki, Yamato, Ayumi] Vice-principal Ono is on her high horse at the teacher meeting, and it would be really nice if someone could knock her down a peg. Or shut her up.
*Good Luck [Nao, Yadoru] Yadoru stops by Kasuga Shrine to pay his respects to the local kami.
Ain't That The Way It Is? [Nao, Ulf] Nao is saved from falling down the stairs by a kind... boy?!?!
Hiding Out [Suguru, Kokoro] Suguru's not very suave when he's dying of hunger.
Darkness Falling [Suguru] Suguru worries about where his responsibilities lie.
Take Two Blue [Kokoro, Ulf] Kokoro's not feeling well. Ulf to the rescue!
Welcome to Trouble-ville [Ayumi, Suguru] Ayumi goes to Suguru's house to check on him.
Like a Boss [Kei, Kokoro] Kei needs some help with Sports Day preparations and she knows just the girl to ask.
Fisticuffs & Destruction [Ulf, Suguru] Ulf defends his loosely-defined pack and territory, not that Suguru wants anything to do with it. Or him.
Whatever Works [Suguru] In the aftermath of his fight with Ulf, Suguru changes a little. Noticeably.
Freaks on a Plane [Suguru, Ulf, Kramer] No one told Suguru they wouldn't be flying in style! And with Ulf as a seatmate, things can only get worse.
Supply and Demand [Nao, Chiaki, Yadoru] Nao has a close encounter in the bleeding supply closet.

JUNE 2008
Dreaming at the Desk [Miyuki, Kramer] Miyuki and Kramer share an unexpectedly sensual moment in the dark, but it's gone just as quickly -- did she imagine it after all?
Saying Sorry for Dummies [Chiaki, Suguru] Suguru tries to apologize, but somehow the angry cat gets misinterpreted.
Sports Day 2008 [Ayumi, Chiaki, Kei, Kokoro, Nao, Ren, Suguru, Sumire, Tatsuki, Ulf, Yadoru, Yuzuya] Sports Day 08 is on!
How to Waylay Your Neighborhood Onmyouji [Nao, Yadoru] Nao lies in wait to thank Yadoru for saving her.
Karaoke Interlude [Ren, Ayumi, Kramer, Yuzuya, Miyuki, Sumire] Ren hosts a karaoke night in an effort to get the staff to get along a little better.
Sálvame! (Save Me!) [Soledad, Suguru] Soledad gets lost in the unfamiliar streets of the town, and one Matsuzaki Suguru just happens to be there to save the day.
Bitter Wings Beget No Blossoms [Chiaki, Ubume no Shizuka, Baku-gami] Chiaki makes the mistake of trying to talk his mother into going home himself.
*Found [Chiaki, Yuzuya, Sumire] Yuzuya finds an ill, unconscious Chiaki out on the grounds -- but Chiaki will only tell Sumire what happened.
Girly Time [Soledad, Nao] Sol and Nao meet and bond over bad art and history.
And now, for something completely different... [Tatsuki, Kei]
*Unzip My Body, Take My Heart Out [Kokoro, Soledad, Ulf]
Be My Guest [Nao, Ulf] Nao proudly takes Ulf on a tour of her home.
Hold Me in Your Hands [Kokoro, Ulf]
*Money, Money, Money [Ayumi, Tatsuki]