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Ghost*Sugar Applications

How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications! Please note, this rp is only open to original characters. Things to remember:

-Right now we need students most, so please keep this in mind when writing your application. Also for now, until we get more members, we will only open the homerooms for letters A-C for each grade.

-It's important to us to have an equal balance of male and female and "supernatural" and "normal human" characters, so please consider this carefully when making your character. The lovely obake need people to haunt, after all. Normal humans (like Yuzuya, Sol, or Kokoro) are just as important and included in this RP as supernatural types, so please don't assume that they're boring. If you have concerns as to how to work them in, please chat with a mod and we can go over ideas.

-Make it your best the first time around! Grammar and spelling are very important to us. Show us how interesting your character could be as part of the rp and part of the community.

-Make sure you've read the rules, copy and fill out the appropriate application, and then e-mail it to us at ghostsugar.mods {at} gmail.

* * * *

Application for characters who are students at Kikuryou
Application for characters who are teachers or other staff at Kikuryou
Application for characters who aren't students or teachers [Apps Currently Closed]

Have you got a question or want to talk out your character ideas? Shoot us an e-mail and let us know your AIM, and we'll let you know ours, and we can chitchat about it.

Need something to get your plot bunnies rolling? Currently requested characters: normal kids (especially boys), student council members, tall jocks, kendo club members, tomboy girls, tomgirl boys, wannabe vampires, ninja clan members, an angel-in-training, a sweet loli, bullies, super-perverted fangirls, snobbish kids, super otaku nerds, members of the Truth Seekers Society who are obsessed with ghosts and conspiracy theories.

We already have the following: a few characters who can see ghosts, a vampire, a werewolf, a miko, an onmyouji, a warlock/necromancer, and a girl who can read people's futures by hearing them sing.
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