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Application For Teachers and School Staff

Thanks for your interest in applying to Ghost*Sugar! At the moment, we have lots of teachers. We need more students (badly) so please consider applying for a student character.

Please make sure you've read the rules, copy this form, fill it out, and mail it to us at ghostsugar.mods {at} gmail. Feel free to remove the notes in parenthesis. Optional items are marked with *

Player Handle: (not your real name, what you want us to call you)
Player AIM:
Player e-mail we can use to contact you: (this must be one that you check regularly!)
Player Age:
I have read and agree to abide by the RP rules including the posting rules:
I understand that failure to follow the rules may lead to dismissal from the rp: yes/no

Character Name:
Job Position
: (Subject and grade if applicable)
Homeroom Class:
(if your character is a teacher that is assigned to a homeroom. We are looking to fill A-C in all three grades first before opening the other classes so please stick with one of those.)
Club/Team: (if your character is a teacher, they are required to act as supervisor of a club or team on campus. Please see the club list for more details.)
Blood Type*:
Favorite School Subject:

Appearance: (please describe in detail your character's physical looks, style of dress, things one looking at them might guess from their looks or mannerisms.)

Personality: (please tell us what your character's personality is like, their temperament, what they like and don't like, what is important to them, what their strengths and weaknesses are. Make sure you include faults! No one is perfect. What are their goals in daily life?)

Background: (please tell us about your character's personal history, relationships, family and friends. Why is your character at Kikuryou?)

Does your character have any kind of unusual powers? This is the place to elaborate on that: (Fear not, it is totally okay to have your character be a normal human, we do need lots of them)

Living Situation: Where does your character live?

Relation: (Please tell us how your character would interact with others in the rp.)

Finally, please write a scene in at least 300 words in third-person POV: Your character is in a hurry but a student comes to them for help with a very personal and potentially embarrassing problem.